That’s the best hair salon I’ve been to. They are nice and professional. The salon is so clean and attractive. I went once because my friend referred me, but I end up becoming a client. My hair loves their treatment and the results are impressive.Lissa D. 8/14/2019

I love coming to Shamso Hair Studio & Spa. The stylists are super friendly and make me feel like a valued client. Every time I go, they tale their time with my hair and use the best products based my hair texture. I leave the salon knowing my hair was done with precision!I will continue to go back to Shamso Hair Studio & Spa and would definitely recommend their services to everyone!Ayanna R. 8/12/2019

Hello, do you know why I’m taking my time to write something about Shamso Hair Studio & Spa? Because she provides a unique treatment for ladies. My hair got so much better! And I became her monthly client. So I extremely recommend her to those who are looking to get nice and professional hair service., believe me you will not regret it! Also, the place itself is so calm, very relaxing and you are treated just like a princess there with of course all the professionalism required. Love it! Milatoudia F. 8/10/2019

I had hair treatment and hair blow dry done by Naema and Shamso. Their service is amazing. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy and comfortable. Highly recommended!Dwa S. 7/4/2019

I got the best haircut of my life under the expert care of Shamso. It was one of those experiences you wish for. First of all, she listened to what I wanted. Then she gave me some professional advice based on the quality of my hair. But she didn’t try to sell me on something else – she was frank with me about what would work, what probably wouldn’t, and how we could realistically get as close to what I wanted. When she got down to cutting my hair, she was precise and took her time to achieve the look I wanted, pausing at crucial points to get my feedback and adjust her work. You could really tell from the way she worked that she took the art seriously. As we talked, I found out she takes a very ethical approach to her line of work. She knows you’re entrusting her with something very personal and she’s committed to making your hair look great even weeks after you’ve left the salon. If she knows the treatment you’re looking for is going to damage my hair and make you unhappy soon after, she’ll let you know and offer alternatives and solutions. She also lovely to talk to, kind and smart. What more could you want? This is the type of person you want caring for your hair for a lifetime. The salon, by the way, is gorgeous. It’s elegant and calming right as you enter the door. You feel like you’re in a spa to be pampered. For us Muslim hijabi ladies – or any others that just want a ladies-only space to unwind-this place is a dream. I’m definitely coming back.Noor H. 6/21/2019

I had a great experience at Shamso! I called today to see is she accepted walk ins and she went out of her way to accommodate me. when you walk in you are greeted by friendly staff and a beautiful fountain display. The salon decorated with delicate lights above the hair stations and several chandeliers. Shamso the owner did a silk press/blow out on my 3b hair and gave me a trim to keep my hair healthy. I was worried about losing length but Shamso assured me my hair style would still look similar only healthy. she was right! Shamso cares about each customers experience and wants you t be happy when you walk out the door. I was having a really stressful day and just being around Shamso and her beautiful spa helped me relax and unwind. She is also a really fun person to talk to. hair treatment and hair blow dry done by Naema and Shamso. Their service is amazing. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy and comfortable. Highly recommended!Mary M. 5/31/2019

I got my hair washed, blow dried then straightened and I love it! I don’t think my hair has ever beenthis silky and smooth before. Naima is the best at what she does and is so friendly. This salon is 100% hijabi friendly. I was able to dress freely and comfortably without worrying someone may see me. The price for the amount of time and care she put into my hari is unbeatable. I will definitely be coming back. Alhamduliah for Shamso Hair Studio & Spa.Rawda 5/26/2019

I had such a great experience at Shamso! As a Muslim woman, it’s so nice to have a salon dedicated to women only. I felt comfortable in all aspects and the owners and workers there really try to make syre your needs are met! Highly recommend this place!Noor Z. 5/25/2019